Parcel delivery with Econt

Reliable Delivery and Convenience for Your Business

When it comes to sending parcels from your small or medium business or online store, a reliable courier is essential. We would like to introduce you to Econt – one of the largest courier companies in Bulgaria. With great experience and professionalism, they offer a variety of services for businesses. Read on and find out how gives you convenience and easy accessibility to Econt services.

Econt – Your Trusted Courier Partner:

Econt is established as one of the leading courier companies in Bulgaria. Their extensive experience and dedication to customers make them a reliable partner for your deliveries. Using their services, you can make sure that your parcels will be delivered quickly and in perfect condition.

Convenience with

To make the process even easier, we recommend using the platform. Register on our platform and get easy and fast access to Econt’s services without dealing with complicated procedures or contracts. Ecolet provides you with favorable rates and easy creation of a waybill for your shipments.

Clear Fuel Prices:

With Econt you can be sure that there are no hidden costs or unforeseen fuel prices. Prices are transparent and clearly defined, so you can plan your delivery budget without hassle.

Shipment Preparation:

Preparing a shipment to Econt is quick and easy when you use our platform, you create a waybill in seconds. This allows you to send parcels with great convenience and minimal effort.

Receiving a Shipment from Econt:

It’s important to know that Econt offers reasonable delivery times. So you and your customers will be satisfied with the fast delivery.

  • For locations with an Econt office, delivery is made the next business day after dispatch.
  • For locations without an Econt office, delivery is made according to the service schedule within 3 working days after dispatch.
  • From Ekontomat, delivery takes 1 to 2 business days, depending on the hour of dispatch.

Econt is a reliable and quality courier that can be a good addition to your delivery methods. Use the platform for quick and easy access to Econt’s services, without complicated procedures or contracts. Sign up today and start sending parcels with ease, easily choosing the most convenient and cost-effective service for your customers.

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