How do I send a parcel on

Send your shipment with Ecolet

See below how quickly you can send a parcel with Ecolet. Reserve 5 minutes and follow the steps below. – How to send a parcel?

  • Enter the addresses where you want the courier to pick up the package and where you want it delivered. You can continuously add addresses to your address book.
  • specify the type of shipment.
  • give dimensions and weight.
  • specify the content and use the additional options that interest you.
  • select a courier company.
  • Choose the date and time when the parcel will be picked up by the courier, or use the option “without ordering a courier” when you want to deliver the parcel to a parcel drop-off and pick-up point.
  • Click “Send” or pay for the package (for prepayment)->Print the waybill->Prepare the package and wait for the courier.

Picking up a parcel from an address other than your own

If you want to order a courier to pick up a parcel from your client and deliver it to you, enter the client’s address in the pickup address and your address in the delivery address.
Email the waybill to the customer and ask them to stick it on the parcel.

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