General rules for packing a parcel

Everyone should know how to pack a parcel. Unfortunately, practice shows something different. Non-compliance with the guidelines of courier companies regarding the packing of parcels may result in charging for non-standard shipment, lead to its damage in transport or, in the worst case, make delivery impossible. That’s why we provide a compendium of packing knowledge to ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time.

Materials for packing

For ensuring the protection and maintaining the integrity of your parcels during transit and handling in the couriers warehouses we recommend you pack your products properly. Fragile itemsshould be wrapped individually using interior protection such as bubble wrap, air cushions, foam padding and high-quality double wall boxes. We also suggest you use “Fragile” and “Up” shipping arrows to warn the personnel how to handle the parcels. 

How to pack a parcel – courier companies’ guidelines

Although the general rules for packing shipments are similar, each courier company has its own rules and packing guidelines. If you’ve already chosen the carrier you want to send your package with, be sure to read the shipping packing tips. Below you will find a summary of the most popular entries. 

DPD courier – how to pack a parcel?

DPD is a popular carrier among Ecolet partners. The most important information about packing for shipping in DPD as standard is as follows:

  • the parcel is rectangular in shape
  • sum of base circumference (2x length + 2x width) and height (1x) cannot exceed 300 cm
  • the longest side cannot exceed 175 cm
  • the weight of the parcel with packaging cannot exceed 30 kg.

Fit to Travel – detailed packing instructions for TNT

TNT introduced a very detailed guide on how to pack a package or palletize a shipment. 

If you choose TNT courier, be sure to read the detailed packing instructions. Even the method of taping the package is important. It has to be exactly like the pictures from their presentation. The carrier warned that shipments improperly packed would not be accepted and the payer would be charged for the empty ride.

Here you will find packing guides:

Courier companies guides