Why is an invoice required if I pay for the parcels in advance? – Prepaid customers

Prepaid customers – invoices

Irrespective of the form of cooperation with the customer, we are obliged to issue invoices for shipments sent in a given settlement period (every two weeks)

Invoices are available in the Customer Panel, in the Invoices tab, twice a month.

Check below where to find invoices:

  • log in to the ecolet platform
  • Choose tab Invoices in the side menu.The system will display a list of invoices. These invoices are sent informatively (they contain a list of shipments sent during the billing period) and do not require payment.

By selecting the appropriate option you can download:

  • Invoices in PDF format,
  • Invoice specifications in PDF format,

The “Paid” information will appear in the Gross Outstanding column.

However, it may happen that the courier company will charge additional fees for the service, e.g. return, redirection, weight and size verification. In this case, the invoice issued requires payment within 7 days from the date of issue.

See also: Invoice complaints.