Why haven’t I received the COD yet?

COD return

The collection is paid only when the consignment has the status “Delivered” and the payment has been transferred by the courier company. We receive the COD within 3-5 working days starting with the next day from the delivery date, except for Nemo Express who makes the transfer within 7 working days starting with the next day from the delivery date. As soon as we receive the COD, we transfer them into your account.

However, if the deadline for returning the money has already passed and there is still no money in your account, see below for possible reasons. We also tell you what to do:

  1. the expected date for collection payment has not yet passed.
    Check deadlines: How long does it take to return a COD?
  2. incorrect shipment status:
    • “Return to sender” – The shipment was returned to sender, we didn’t receive the COD.
    • “Exception” – The shipment wasn’t delivered, we didn’t receive the COD.
    • “Delivering” – The courier has the shipment for a new delivery attempt or the shipment is ready for pickup from the courier company’s warehouse.
  3. an instruction to change or cancel the COD was possibly given.
  4. we have not received information from the courier company about the return of the COD amount.

For any situation, please send a request using the contact form.

See also: What is the waiting time for COD amount to be returned?