Shipment pickup and delivery

Courier hasn’t picked up your shipment according to schedule

If the courier hasn’t picked up your order yet, you can:

  • Contact us using the contact form and we will send a request for pick up to the courier company;
  • Cancel the order and place a new one using the same data;
  • Cancel the order and place a new one choosing the option “Generate a waybill without order a pickup”, then you can take the shipment to the drop off point.

Delivery may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • logistical problems on the carrier’s side,
  • courier didn’t no scan of the consignment at the warehouse or at the time of collection by,
  • label damage (no means to identify the shipment).

First of all, check what caused the delay of the delivery. You can do this from “Order history” in the customer panel. See below how to do it:

  • Log in to, click on the “Order history” tab.
  • Identify the order whose status you want to check. On the right side, press the button “Show details”.
  • If there is no information in the tracking history about wrong delivery address/recipient’s refusal/recipient is not present – check if the shipment has statuses with current date. In the event that:
    • The shipment has current scans at the carrier’s warehouse but is not handed over for delivery, this may indicate logistical problems on the courier company’s part. In this situation, please send a request using the contact form,
    • shipment does not have up-to-date scans (shipment statuses in tracking history are not up-to-date), it may mean that the label has peeled off the shipment or it was damaged physically. In this situation, please send a request using the contact form. In the body of the e-mail, describe the shipment, its content, packaging, stickers, other characteristics, which will make it easier to identify the shipment.