Invoice complaints

In order to avoid problems with the complaints process, we have compiled the most important information about complaints.

Using the following tips will speed up the complaint process and increase the chance of a favorable resolution.

Complaints are divided into:

  • Claims for damage,
  • Invoice claims

Invoice complaints can be made online from the Customer Panel

See below how to make a complaint:

  • Log in to and click on the Contact tab.
  • Select the next tab – Add new ticket.
  • In the next step, fill in all the fields
  • In the field “Reason” select “Invoice error”, then choose the invoice number

Shipment cancelled

If your shipment was cancelled and you still received an invoice, file a complaint as above

Optionally, you can also add attachments.

Once the complaint has been submitted, a message below will be displayed and it should be visible in the list of available complaints. The claim will be processed within 90 days of proper submission.