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Courier Services

Fast parcel delivery? Quick refund? Other special requests? No problem! You can choose one of the 7 courier companies on the platform. Envelopes or packages. Shipments in the country or abroad. Each service with several options and the possibility to add extra services depending on the offer of courier companies. We offer a wide range of courier services for your business and e-commerce!

Types of courier services available to Ecolet customers
Standard envelopes and packages
Standard envelopes and packages

For most couriers, a standard package is a package packed in a rectangular cardboard box with dimensions not exceeding 10/15/10 cm.  You don’t need to know all these details! Our system will automatically show you the services available after you have entered the correct shipping and delivery addresses, shipping type, size and weight.

In the Ecolet order form you have the option to choose additional services such as:

• insurance

• Refunds

• return documents

• Saturday delivery

• open package

Not all couriers allow the use of the above-mentioned additional services. Therefore, when you select the courier company, the system will automatically adjust the additional services available. It is not necessary to know the terms and conditions of each courier company, this is what we do. This is a convenient and intuitive model for selecting courier services.

Non-standard shipping
Non-standard shipments with Ecolet

The Ecolet order form allows you to place an online order for a package with different packaging methods, sizes and weights different from the standard ones. Proceed in the same way as for standard packages, enter the dimensions and weight, and the system automatically selects the available courier companies. A non-standard shipment is a cardboard box with the sum of the sides less than 250 cm and not exceeding 30 kg. Also, the maximum size of a side varies between 60cm and 150cm, depending on each courier company.

Courier Services - Summary

Ecolet customers benefit from a series of courier services available in the order form. If you are looking for a logistics operator that offers a wide range of solutions, the Ecolet offer is suitable for your company
If you want to see the services we offer and how the order form works, it is enough to create an account on our platform, completely free and without obligations. The account is unlimited and nothing is paid. There is no minimum order limit. Send when you want. Start with a shipment.