Sending car parts by courier

Do you send car parts by courier? Or maybe you run a garage and want to order such shipments cheaper?

Ecolet gives you a choice of courier services, depending on what you need to transport.

Shipping car parts by courier

Parts that don’t need to be shipped on a pallet can be sent by standard courier package. At Ecolet you have 6 different courier services to choose from, so you can easily find the best option. 

Remember to pack your courier shipments correctly. This will help you avoid courier surcharges for non-standard shipments.

Pay attention not to exceed the maximum shipment weight and never combine parcels to “pretend” one package. Read more about rules of packing courier parcels.

How do I ship my car rims and tires?

Ecolet is not a service often chosen for shipping car rims and tires.

You can compare and choose the best service for you from available couriers:







Before choosing a service, it is important to read the shipping and packaging conditions if you want to avoid a surcharge for non-standard shipment.

Car tires – place cardboard strips on top and below each tire. These will be fixed with at least two plastic bands perpendicular to each other

Car rims – Use cardboard filled with protective materials (polystyrene and bubble foil) on the entire surface.

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