How to send wine by courier

Wondering if it is possible, and if so, how to send wine by courier?

Once a few simple conditions are met, it is possible and safe

The regulations of some courier companies may prohibit the shipment of alcohol. Does this mean that shipping wine by courier is not possible? Not necessarily. TNT allows the shipment of wine.

Proper packaging of wine for shipment

Wooden box

There is a reason why wooden wine boxes have become popular. A wooden box gives even a simple wine the prestige of a Bordeaux Chateau. For safety reasons, such a box is usually filled with wooden shavings, which effectively immobilize the bottle and protect it from damage.

To be on the safe side, we recommend wrapping the wooden box in bubble wrap or other protective and filling material before packing it in the shipping carton.

A parcel packed this way should arrive at the addressee whole and safe.

To avoid returning the shipment during sorting we suggest to write in the field “shipment contents”: “gift” or other term, without entering the word wine.

Special wine box

Special cartons are available for shipping one or two wines.

Always remember to additionally protect the bottle with a special foam “cushion” or simply wrap it tightly with bubble wrap. Pay special attention to ensure that the bottom and neck of the bottle are well protected.

If you want to send more bottles of wine, use a special cardboard box, made of reinforced cardboard and provided with special dividers. When sending wine in such a carton, remember to secure each bottle. This will further secure the bottles in transit.

How to send wine by courier in the original carton?

The original carton (for example for 6 wines) is not normally intended to be shipped on its own. Such cartons usually travel from the winery to the wholesaler or shop on a pallet. Therefore, if you want to use the original packaging, we suggest adding individual protection for each bottle and placing the original carton in a well-padded, sponge or other stable filler, larger shipping carton.