How to send furniture by courier quickly, safely and cheap?

Not all furniture can be sent by standard courier. Couriers accept, as standard shipments, rectangular packages weighing maximum 30 kg, with the maximum length of one side varying, depending on the courier, from 60 cm to 150 cm. 

Shipping of small pieces of furniture by courier

If a piece of furniture, intended to be shipped by courier, meets the requirements of a standard parcel, then all you need to do is choose the courier that best meets your needs from Ecolet selection.

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Remember that the basic condition for the courier to consider a shipment as standard is that the shipment cannot exceed the dimensions and the weigh of 30 kg.

How do I pack my chair for shipment by courier?

You should carefully protect protruding elements, such as armrests, with foam.

Dismantle the legs and pack them separately, remembering to properly secure them with foam and cardboard so that they do not damage the surface when placed on the chair. If the legs are not disassembled, secure them carefully with foam and cardboard. Make sure they do not puncture the packaging, as this may damage your or other shipments.

How do I pack my mattress for courier delivery?

Due to its dimensions, a mattress on a frame is not suitable for shipment by a standard pallet.

Packing the mattress is not difficult, you just need to solidly protect the corners with cardboard and apply an appropriate thickness (minimum 80 microns) foil.

Upholstered surfaces should be additionally protected with cardboard.

If you want, for greater security you can also use bubble wrap and polyurethane foam.