What do the shipments statuses mean?

Shipment statuses

Before a consignment reaches its recipient, it arrives at several different sorting centers. It is identified and entered into the system. Each identification is recorded in the system. This allows you to keep track of its status on our website.


The order has been created, but the package is not yet picked up by the courier.


The courier already has your package and it is on its way to the recipient.


The parcel has been scanned at the delivery warehouse and given to the courier for delivery to the indicated address.


  • the courier has made a first delivery attempt, but the recipient wasn’t available,
  • the parcel is misaddressed,
  • the recipient has refused to accept the parcel,
  • the consignment has not arrived at the delivery warehouse.


The parcel has been delivered to the recipient.


The consignment has been returned to sender. This can happen for several reasons:

  • two unsuccessful delivery attempts have occurred
  • the recipient has refused to accept the consignment
  • The content of the consignment is not allowed for transport

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