What charges might there be on the invoice?

Requests after the shipment was picked up

Ecolet will charge a fee for each additional intervention carried out at the client’s request.

The fee for additional intervention will be shown on the invoice. Additionally, after logging into your account, you will find a list of additional charges under My price list.

The additional service applies to the following interventions (made as per customer’s request):

  • Addition of a COD amount after the release of the shipment,
  • Third attempt of delivering an order (where possible. Not all curriers have this option available)
  • Redirection after the pick up.

We would like to remind you that the sender of the parcel is responsible for its measurement, weighing, use of good quality packaging and appropriate labelling.

In addition:

  • make sure you are entering the correct address details for the sender and recipient,
  • check that you are entering the correct COD amount,
  • read the Terms and Conditions, verify the limits and what is excluded from the shipment