International shipments

International courier services

Do you send international parcels? If so, Ecolet has a selection of couriers and services.

With Ecolet you can send international shipments using DPD and TNT courier services.

You can send:

  • envelopes
  • parcels

How to send an international shipment?

  • Go to and select “Add a parcel” from the side menu.
  • Fill in the sender’s address.
  • In the recipient’s section, choose the country and then fill in all the required fields.
  • Give all the details of the parcel(dimensions, weigh, content etc.).
  • Select the courier company you wish to send your international parcel with.
  • Send the order and print the waybill.

The countries you can send international parcels to with Ecolet can be found in the drop down list, in the recipient’s section → “country”.

The same rules for packing and labeling a parcel also apply for international shipments:

  • The packaging must be made according to the content of the parcel so that it prevents the damage under mechanical and manual handling.
  • The packaging must protect the content through multiple handlings and pressure, using cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, plastic, metal.
  • Make sure the objects in the parcel are sealed so that they won’t allow leakage or spillage during transportation, sorting and handling.
  • It is mandatory for the sender to seal the parcel properly.
  • The content must be packed properly so that it is protected for handling with certain equipment, against various weather conditions, mechanical handling (falling diagonally from 80 cm).
  • Fragile goods must be properly packed and labeled using bubble wrapping, shavings or other materials that soften the shock of a fall, “Fragile” stickers.

Forbidden goods for international shipments:

  • Hazardous materials according to ADR Agreement.
  • Perishable goods.
  • Fire arms or disassembled weapons, ammunition.
  • Valuable goods
  • Drugs and Tabaco

For a more detailed list containing forbidding goods, check Carriage of dangerous goods – regulations for Ecolet service

Accepted weigh and dimensions for international shipments with DPD:

  • Maximum weigh: 30 kg;
  • Maximum length: 165 cm;
  • Sum of base circumference (2x hight + 2x width) and length (1x) cannot exceed 300 cm

Accepted weigh and dimensions for international shipments with TNT:

  • Maximum weigh: 30 kg;
  • Maximum length: 240 cm;