Delays in courier deliveries!

Where can I check the current traffic situation?

You can see the real-time situation on the roads in Romania and Europe by accessing or in Google maps. Green means smooth traffic, yellow means there are moderate, red means there are traffic jams and black means the road is blocked or closed.

Take this into account when planning deliveries to your customers and you will avoid unnecessary stress.

Customers will certainly appreciate it if you inform them about the possibility of delays.

Delayed deliveries – where do I check the current status of my shipment?

When you want to check the current status of a shipment, you or your customer can do it in the shipment tracking module of Ecolet. The link to the courier tracking system can be found in the main menu of the website.

To check the current status of your shipment all you have to do is enter the waybill number and click the “Search” button.

Our system automatically checks the status of your shipments up to several times per hour.

Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to provide a phone number directly to the courier who is taking your parcel.